Date : 11.11.2017
Source : TIKA
Source of Image : TIKA Website
Translation Method : Summary Translation

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) organized a training program for Moldovan doctors in Turkey in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

TIKA continues its projects and programs on improving healthcare systems in the Balkans and Eastern European countries and building corporate capacity in these countries. It completes new hospital constructions on one hand, and leads the way for experience sharing between doctors working at hospitals built for a sustainable healthcare system and Turkish doctors on the other.

Doctors of Chisinau Maternal and Paediatric Healthcare Institute, repaired and recently inaugurated by TIKA, were given support to attend training programs in Ankara in line with the sustainability of healthcare projects.

Indicating that they benefited from the healthcare projects in the Balkans and Eastern European countries, Moldovan doctors expressed their gratitude for the Republic of Turkey as well as TIKA, highlighting that Turkey was far ahead of many European countries in the field of healthcare. They indicated they would prefer Turkey for close cooperation in the field of healthcare.