Date : 29.03.2016
Source : Anadolu Agency
Translation Method : Summary Translation

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) Informatics and Information Security Research Centre (BİLGEM) and Gebze Technical University (GTÜ) have developed an electrochemical biosensor (MiSens) capable of measuring the effect of anticancer drugs on patients. It is the first fully automated and electrochemical device available in this field.

The device will instantly measure the extent of DNA degradation, detect the potential use of anticancer drugs and perform preliminary biological activity evaluation tests by a new screening method.

The device will be used in various medical analyses including the determination of the effects of anticancer drugs on patients.

Drugs’ Potential Damage to Human DNA to be Detected

Speaking at the handover ceremony of the device, Prof. Haluk Görgün said: “This biosensor is capable of detecting the features of the anticancer drug that could potentially damage the human DNA."

"Device Manufactured Nationally”

Director of the electrochemical biosensor project Dr. Yıldız Uludağ said: "This device has been developed entirely through national efforts.”