Date : 14.11.2017
Source : Anadolu Agency
Source of Image : AA
Translation Method : Summary Translation

European Union (EU) Minister and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik noted the following about Turkey’s EU accession process:

“Turkey is a candidate country for EU membership. Turkey cannot be seen solely as a military headquarters for the fight against terror or as a camp for refugees. We refuse to be a country they can cooperate in the field of terror or refugees alone. I have asked them to either to open the 23rd and 24th chapters or to discuss about these issues.    

Turkey has come a long way as a European state and democracy without becoming an EU member. Turkey can continue to advance on its path without EU membership yet we would prefer Turkey to become a member of EU.”

"Turkey is Ready for Customs Union Update"

“Turkish institutions are ready for Customs Union update. The Council should authorize the Commission. Any interruption in economic relations is out of question.

The region across the 1295-km-long border with Syria and Iraq is unstable. Instability extends from our region and the Gulf to other regions. From a strategic point of view, a state chooses to invest in regions where stability prevails. Since Europe has stability, Turkey rationally seeks to improve its relations with Europe.”