Date : 31.12.2018
Source : Anadolu Agency
Source of Image : AA
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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday wished "peace and tranquility" for all humanity across the world in 2019.

In his message for New Year, Erdogan said: "We side with stability, justice, tolerance and peace across the world, together with our region."

“Through this understanding, we defend the rights of Jerusalem, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Tripoli, Sarajevo, and Crimea.

Turkey is “not responsible for the incidents in our region and will not be a victim of them,” Erdogan said.

“Developments in Syria are the result of these efforts,” he added. 

Turkey has conducted two successful cross-border operations into Syria since 2016 -- Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations -- both meant to eradicate the presence of PYD/PKK and Daesh terrorists near Turkey’s borders.

In his message, Erdogan stressed that Turkey does not have designs on any country’s soil, sovereignty and their rights.

“Our sole goal is to ensure the safety, tranquility and a guaranteed future for our own people and brothers living in our region,” he said.

The Turkish leader had signaled that a cross-border operation against the terrorist PYD/YPG in Syria would happen soon.

Erdogan also said Turkey has been continuing to contribute to the stability of Iraq.