Date : 19.12.2016
Place : İstanbul
Media Outlet : Newspapers

Following are President Erdoğan’s remarks regarding the armed attack on Russian Ambassador to Turkey Karlov:

-  I vehemently condemn the attack.

- We know this is a provocation to undermine the normalization of Turkish-Russian relations yet both the Russian administration and the Republic of Turkey are determined not to give in to this provocation.

- In our conversation with Putin this evening, we agreed to further strengthen our collaboration particularly in the international fight against terror in the forthcoming days.

- On behalf of my country and nation, I would like to express my condolences to thePresident of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and the Russian nation.

- We know and closely follow those endeavouring to make use of the situation.

-Attack on the Russian ambassador is a provocation against the goodrelations between Turkey and Russia on Syria.

- I offer my condolences to both Turkey and Russia.