Place : Ankara
Date : 08.03.2018
Source : DGPI
Source of Image : DGPI
Translation Method : Summary Translation

Women working for the Directorate General of Press and Information came together at the Press, Culture and Arts Center to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th upon the invitation of DGPI Director General Mehmet Akarca.

Indicating that the way the female colleagues put their shoulder to the wheel, their sense of responsibility and endeavour to complete their work properly and timely deserve all the praise, Akarca highlighted that women must be more involved in business life.

Reminding that the DGPI recently made quite a name for itself, Akarca said there would be more projects to come and it would not be possible to realize them without the support of all employees. At the end of the event, Akarca celebrated all women, shaking hands with them one by one and personally offering them the flowers bought particularly for this meaningful day.

Akarca also sent a celebration message to all female journalists holding press cards along with this event organized for the staff of the DGPI.