Date : 31.12.2017
Source : Timetürk
Translation Method : Summary Translation
Source of Image : AA/Aytuğ Can Sencar

Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu, made a statement on Twitter regarding the fact that Greece gave political asylum to one of the eight coup leaders who took refuge in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Çavuşoğlu stated the following:

I regretfully condemn the perception that chooses the terrorist organizations against Turkey, a country that gave 250 martyrs on July 15. The Greece authorities, who granted political asylum to the members of FETO are ignoring an important issue. FETO is an organization that not only targeted Turkey but was put into use for reshaping the world with the coup attempt of July 15. They are not aware that every FETO member they release is a threat to the Greek people and Greece. As a friendly country we feel obliged to warn beforehand; but the attitude they displayed by giving political asylum is not friendly. A Greece where terrorists are free to move around will not help anyone.

Çavuşoğlu, underlining that protecting terrorists is a great danger to the Greek state, said the following:

"The terrorists you release today are like dynamites ready to explode, you may no longer have a country to protect when it explodes. The upright stance of our nation together with our President and the resolved struggle of our government on July 15 defeated the organization and the process was concluded with the victory of the nation. The countries that do not take a lesson from the pending cases and the thousands of evidence in Turkey, are bound to experience great difficulties.”