Date : 10.01.2018
Source : TRT Haber
Translation Method : Summary Translation
Source of Image : AA/Burak Akay

Culture and Tourism Minister Kurtulmuş speaking at the Çanakkale "2018 Troy Year" promotion conference said that Turkey has a rich historical background, and this should be explained and promoted to the world in a better way.

Kurtulmuş noting that in recent years, some dark circles have been working to increase Islamophobia worldwide stated that, "We especially witness continuous hostility towards Turkey as the main element of Islamophobia. While we protect our richness and promote it to the whole world, at the same time through Turkey we will conduct a massive struggle against this dark anti-Islamic and anti-Turkey, xenophobic, racist environment in the world."

Kurtulmuş, reminded that Troia entered the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1998, and for its 20th anniversary 2018 was announced as "Troia Year". Kurtulmuş expressed that they will not stop at promoting Troia as a cultural heritage of Turkey on account of "Troia Year", but also promote Turkey as world’s leading brand and said that, "This is the most important answer we will prepare and give against the hostility towards Turkey and in the field of culture."