Directorate of Communications was founded with Presidential Decree no. 14 published in the Official Gazette dated July 24, 2018 and no. 30488, which also stipulates its organizational structure, duties and authorities.

Mission: Closely monitoring national and international media, feeding the public opinion and relevant authorities with accurate and punctual information; effectively informing domestic and international public opinion on the activities and services of the government; facilitating the professional activities of press members and thus contributing to the advancement of press; carrying out activities to promote our country and developing communication strategies in coordination with relevant institutions.
: Acting as a reference institution that contributes to shaping a realistic perception of Turkey across the world and creating the necessary environment for a strong and independent press in Turkey.

Under Decree no. 703 published in the Official Gazette dated July 9, 2018 and no. 30473, the Directorate General of Press and Information was abolished; and all movables, vehicles, tools and equipment as well as all payables and receivables, rights and liabilities thereof were handed over to the Directorate of Communications of Turkish Presidency.