Press, Culture and Arts Centre of the Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) was inaugurated on June 22, 2017 as the new venue for prominent cultural and arts events in the capital. With its modern and functional architecture, the Centre located at the ground floor of DGPI covers an area of approximately 500 square meters. In addition to a stage and seating capacity of 100, the Centre has a dedicated space for exhibitions and performances, modern audio and visual systems, portable display panels and a cafeteria. Multiple events can be held simultaneously at the Centre, which has been designed as a contemporary arts venue in all aspects from the colour of its walls to its lighting, and from its entry to other units. Our Centre also provides a convenient venue for public institutions’ and foreign embassies’ celebrations of anniversaries as well as cultural, arts and other promotional events. Besides all these; media institutions, professional journalism organizations as well as other non-governmental organizations, journalists and artists can also apply to DGPI to hold their cultural and arts events at the Press, Culture and Arts Centre.